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    Welcome to Good Old Time Radio Podcast, Classic Radio Shows. Episode 1
    Today we feature Gang Busters: “The Case Of The Mound City Safecrackers”.
    Join us weekly on our podcast, as we feature many famous shows from the Golden Years Old Radio Theater.
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    Gang Busters was an American dramatic radio program heralded as “the only national program that brings you authentic police
    case histories.” It premiered as G-Men, sponsored by Chevrolet, on July 20, 1935. After the title was changed to Gang Busters
    on January 15, 1936, the show had a 21-year run through November 20, 1957.

    So-called “true crime” magazines were highly popular in the 1930s and the movie G Men starring James Cagney, released in the spring of 1935,
    had proven to be a big hit. Producer-director Phillips H. Lord thought there was a place on radio for a show of the same type. To emphasize
    the authenticity of his dramatizations, Lord produced the initial radio show, G-Men, in close association with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.
    Hoover was not particularly favorable to the notion of such a program, but U. S. Attorney General Homer Stille Cummings gave it his full support.[1]

    That first series dramatized FBI cases, but Hoover insisted that only closed cases would be used. Hoover also demanded that he or a
    top-level aide review and approve every script. Hoover preferred that scripts downplay gunfights and car chases, and spend more time on
    systematic investigation and legwork. Agents should be shown as intelligent, hard-working and essentially faceless cogs in his technically
    savvy crime-fighting organization.[1] Those restrictions hampered Lord, who saw his creation as a public service, but one that had to entertain
    as well as inform.


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